Monday, January 24, 2011

Can Marina Bay Sands target me to win?

It's a thought that keeps coming to mind. Since the Marina Bay Sands casino knows exactly the amount of money I gamble -- via my Premier Advantage card stuck into a slot in the slot machines, collecting points and Premier Dollars, it must also have a good idea how much I win.

It needs only a little leap in imagination for me to wonder whether MBS could similarly control how much I win?

Sure, pay out rates of machines are supposed to be about 80%. But is it 80% collectively of the 1,600 machines spread across two levels of the casino? Or is it 80% per machine?

With so much of my data in its data bank, doesn't it need only a little tweaking to direct some winnings my way, to encourage me to come back? Or is such targetting not legal?

If the programming of Bejewelled 2 can ensure that every player gets thru level one, why shouldn't a casino have the ability to entice customers with sweeteners, so long as the sweeteners aren't illegal.

Just wondering!

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