Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marina Sands targetting me to win?

Well, well, I had another day of wins at Marina Bay Sands today. Following on my last post, I wonder if my speculation has hit bull's eye?

Ever since I bought myself a one-year entry pass to the Marina Bay Sands casino on Jan 2, I’ve been to the casino four times, including Jan 2. The other times I visited are Jan 7, 17 and today, Jan 26.

I’m more convinced than ever that I did the right thing, in buying a one-year pass, in terms of enjoyment from the visit as well as being able to gamble wisely, without over tiring myself — as had been the case on the first four occasions when I paid $100 per entry.

For that amount and limited to only a 24-hour entry, I hung on and on, till I was dog tired. Sure, I didn’t really lose much money, if at all, if the levy fees were ignored. For sure, I had clear cut winnings too – on Dec 23 when I booked myself an early X’mas present from MBS’ coffers.

However, starting from Jan 2, every visit save the first, when i lost some $330 (excluding the levy), I’ve managed to come out on the plus side.

On Jan 7, I came away with handsome winnings; on Jan 17, I’m not entirely sure but leaving with a $90 cash out ticket that day, and all that I had lost having come from winnings from the Jan 7 wins, I guess I must have broken even.

Today, I left the casino after about a 4-hour joust with various slot machines with a cash-out ticket of $230. I had started the day with the Jan 17 $90 cash out ticket and didn’t have to dip into any money from my wallet.

That means I’m up $140 on the day; that’s why I sang all the way home to dinner.

Oh yes, for those who are looking for some successful jousts at MBS, the machines which were kind to me today included Butterfly Kisses, Jackpot Party and Magician.

And oh yes, never bet more than one bet per line. That may explain my longevity to date at MBS

And oh yes, oh yes, I got $16 worth of free parking (could have got my full value of $26 if I stayed longer, but I believe in the adage to get going when the winning is good!). Also, I’m another 5 points closer to having my Premier Advantage membership upgraded. Just another 303 points to go.. lol!

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